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"Liquid Bar Catering was fast, friendly, and professional. They set up two bars for me, when per my contract I should have gotten only one. About an hour or so later three beautiful young girls walk in with the same enthusiasm as Vincent did, introduced themselves as my bartenders. Vincent and his team were set up and ready to go greeting my guest with smiles and great tasting drinks. After the event was over about 11:00 pm Vincent and his team quickly packed up their equipment and supplies, but refused to leave because they wanted to help me clean up my event, even though they had fulfilled their contract agreement and should have been on their way.

The event was a total success with raving reviews from my guests about the Bartenders and service. I owe a great deal of the credit to Vincent and his team for their courtesy, professionalism and perfect bar service. I truly got my monies worth and a great deal more. I would recommend Liquid Bar Catering as one of the best vendors I have ever had. Vincent is a sweetheart! He cares about his clientele and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy."

Dawn Zamudio
Development Director, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, California


"I have three words to say about Vincent and his Liquid Bar Catering: Blueberry Acai Martini. Undoubtedly the most awesome drink on the planet, especially when served by Liquid bar catering's beautiful bartenders. If you want to make any party special at home or at work, get linked-up with Vincent and arrange for a meeting (with a private tasting of course) -my finders fee is that I must be invited."

Yosef Rosen of Raiman Rocks


"We used LIQUID Bar Catering for our Membership "Salon". Everything about them was fabulous! The staff's service, expertise and execution was amazing! I love the illuminated LIQUID BAR, that changes color during the evening it added panache to their presentation. The ladies were attentive and personal, leaving the guests nothing to do but relax and enjoy the evening! Women In Film will definitely use LIQUID Bar Catering again."

Donna Wisdom
Women in Film
Beverly Hills, California


“We used LIQUID Bar Catering for our son’s birthday party. Everything about it was absolutely first rate - the staff’s service, expertise and execution! The smartly illuminated LIQUID LITE BAR, that changes color during the evening provides a cool atmosphere and a subtle accent to the presentation. The service was attentive and personal, leaving the guests nothing to do except have fun! I will definitely use LIQUID Bar Catering at my next “A List” party.”

Robert & Patti Di Tullio
Westwood, California


"Just a quick note about LIQUID Bar Catering, this is a smart company. I have used their service several times to promote my business and to entertain friends. They are professional, respectful and have a passion for the work that they do. It is rare to find a company who will always exceed my expectations, but LIQUID Bar Catering does just that. I have and will continue to recommend the LIQUID Bar Catering experience."

Dr. Taber Chinn
Malibu, California


"LIQUID Bar Catering was great! Vincent and his staff were extremely friendly, energetic, and professional. I never once had to worry about the bar for our grand opening night. Looking forward to using their service again and again."

Matthew Bergman
Malibu Living Home Gallery
Malibu, California


"My wife and I have used the services of Vincent's LIQUID Bar Catering for the past 4 years at office holiday parties, home birthday parties and beach parties. Vincent's gregarious personality combined with his mixology talents guarantees you and your guests will have a fabulous time as well as an excellent drink. Vincent can provide everything from beverages to servers. We recommend him most highly and would be pleased to discuss his services."

Peter J. McNulty
Malibu, California


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