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Liquid Female Bartenders

LIQUID Bar Catering is an exclusive bartending cater business managed by experienced professional bartenders. Our down to earth, personable and attractive female bartenders are the LADIES of LIQUID Bar Catering. These talented bartenders are the best in the bartending business and can make any get together an event to remember. LIQUID Bar Catering provides private bartending services for parties, Hollywood wrap parties, mixers and other special events in Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice and Manhattan Beach, California.

While most catering companies offer everything, LIQUID Bar Catering specializes in what we know best, drinks. Our unique drink recipes combined with our highly trained professional bartenders raises the bar on bartender catering services. Each bar catering package is personalized to suit your specific theme party or special event. We can make informed suggestions for any size budget or taste.

At LIQUID Bar Catering, we will always provide superior customer service. Our professional bartending staff will arrive early to create a welcoming atmosphere, anticipate the needs of your guests during the evening, and remain after-hours to help clean up.

For your next party or event, let the LADIES of LIQUID Bar Catering do what we do best. Our exceptional staff are also available for corporate promotions. For a no-obligation personalized quote, please call us at 301.537.8500 or complete our bar catering proposal request.


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